Yarra River Dinner Cruise in Melbourne: Overview

The outstanding and enthralling beauty of Yarra river calls for a pleasant Yarra River Dinner Cruise Melbourne. The Yarra river is one of the most exotic attractions in Australia and is considered as an important cultural aspect of the state. The river flows by the most beautiful villages, finally ending up at the Port Phillip Bay.

The Yarra River Dinner Cruise Melbourne includes a relaxing evening cruise expedition, wherein you will enjoy the most exquisite views from the ships. Watch out for the quaint town of Victoria and its skyscrapers passing by. A four course dinner awaits you, served by the best chef present onboard. With an English speaking guide providing you stunning details of the backdrop that you will witness, we promise you the most elegant time on board. Click a wide range of pictures of the golden hours and make amazing memories as well.

Know Before You Book Yarra River Dinner Cruise Melbourne

Know Before You Book  Yarra River Dinner Cruise Melbourne

Essential Information

Location- Southbank Promenade, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Timing- 7.30 onwards

Best Time- The best time to go on the Yarra River Cruise is between the months of March and May and from September to November as the weather during these periods is pleasant. It is highly recommended to experience this cruise expedition at night time. The Yarra River Dinner Cruise Melbourne promises you the most stunning view of the entire city of Melbourne and its beautiful night life.

Book Yarra River Dinner Cruise in Melbourne Online

Why to Book this onlineBook the Yarra River Dinner Cruise Melbourne tickets online and enjoy a fascinating chance to cruise though the most stunning river of Australia, flowing right between the quaint towns and buzzing cities. By booking online, you might also get a chance to enjoy amazing discounts and inclusions too. Online booking will also allow you to have a hassle free experience at the cruise, with everything pre-decided.

What to expectOn your Yarra River Dinner Cruise, you will have a fascinating welcome into one of the most amusing double decker cruises. With the most posh seating lounges, restaurants and rooms, the cruise is an exceptional addition to your travel diary. Flowing by the hustling cities of Australia and the quaint subtle town of Victoria, it is a perfect way to embrace a completely different and unique view of the Australian continent. You will also be served with the most delightful 4 course meals, consisting of delicious australia snacks and age old drinks to replenish your taste buds.

Know Before You Book Yarra River Dinner Cruise Melbourne

Highlights For Yarra River Dinner Cruise Melbourne
Highlights For Yarra River Dinner Cruise Melbourne
  • The cruise promises you one of the most serene expeditions of your life, passing by the most escalating backdrop of the vivid cityscape of Melbourne. Witness the most quaint towns of victoria as well as the active nightlife of the cities.
  • Expect a delicious range of 4 course meals, presented to you by the best of Aussie chefs on board. The dinner starts with finger licking good snacks items, followed by the most intricately crafted main course, and a wide range of drinks accompanying it.
  • Click amazing pictures from the deck of the cruise, and lookout for the tall building and hustling city life from a new outlook.
  • Interact with the English speaking guide present on board and learn about the fascinating details of the amazing structures you pass by them.


Do I need to book the Yarra River Dinner Cruise in advance? .

    Yes, you are advised to book for the Yarra River Dinner Cruise Melbourne online and enjoy an amazing range of discounts and inclusions on your tickets. Booking tickets in advance will also save you from standing in long queues at the location

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