Luna Park Melbourne Tickets

Luna Park Melbourne: Overview

The Luna park Melbourne tickets provide access to one of the oldest parks in mebourne as well as the southern hemisphere, first opened in 1912. This wonderful and iconic park is known for its scenic roller coaster ride which has been operational since the park first opened its doors. The rollercoaster is popular for being not only one of the oldest roller coasters but also for still being operational.

This amazing adventure park has undergone many transformations over the years to add new attractions and modernize the park. Till date it remains a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike as it offers various rights and interactive experiences. The park has both a mix of historical attractions as well as new age mechanical rides.

It is also known to be the first amusement park which features a face at its entryway - ‘Mr. Moon’, an iconic figure. This amazing adventure Park is also home to the Southern hemisphere’s most elaborate and largest carousel. You can also enjoy Australian classics like calamari and chips at the numerous food outlets inside the park.

Book Luna Park Melbourne Tickets Online

Booking the Luna park melbourne tickets online beforehand is a great way to ensure entry to the park in advance. Online booking the Luna park Melbourne tickets also ensures that tourists get great deals and discounts on their booking. The tickets included access to the unlimited thrilling rides and unique attractions of the amusement park.

A day at the thrilling park includes enjoying time at the fun packed attractions and rides. The park also has a carnival which offers a very vibrant and thrilling experience to the visitors. In addition to this the Luna Park Melbourne tickets also allow you to enjoy the delicious food at the various stalls inside the park. You will get to enjoy various amazing rides in the park, one of them is the Great scenic railway which is the oldest ride in the amusement park.

Highlights for Luna Park Melbourne

  • Tourists can enjoy the rides and attractions of one of the oldest amusement parks in the Southern Hemisphere with the Luna park Melbourne tickets.
  • Enjoy the vibrant carnival inside the amusement park where visitors can also enjoy lip smacking Aussie food from the various food trucks and shops.
  • The Luna Park Melbourne Tickets also give access to one of the oldest roller coasters - the Great Scenic Railway.
  • Feel the adrenaline rush at the Supernova giant swing which goes up to 32m tall and at the speed of 35 kmph.
  • Get on the haunted tracks of the Ghost train and enjoy a ride with the terror of ghastly ghouls.

Rides & Attractions At Luna Park Melbourne

Sky Rider

Included in the Luna park Melbourne tickets this ride has swinging gondolas that go on a classic ferris wheel. The ride offers breathtaking views of the surroundings and St. Kilda. It is one of the best places to enjoy a sunset view from inside the amusement park. This 20m high tide is great for families and kids with a minimum height requirement of 120cm.

The Great Scenic Railway

One of the oldest and most iconic rides in the Luna Park, the Great scenic railway is among the oldest roller coasters in the world. This 1km wooden track takes visitors on a journey of exhilarating dips and turns with beautiful views of the Port Phillip Bay. This amazing ride has 967 m of track, 332 track posts and stands tall at 16 meters.

Road Runner

Another great inclusion in the Luna Park Melbourne tickets is the Road runner. This ride is suitable for people of all ages and especially the little kids. Perfect for mild adventure the ride takes turns and glides on a curvy sports track like setup. The minimum height requirement to ride it alone is 120cm.

Red Baron

The perfect ride for the toddlers and young kids, Red Baron is a flying roundabout ride. The kids sit inside the planes that are attached to the mechanical pole which takes them on a journey of gentle dipping and circular motions as they are watched by the Baron.


Perfect for the thrill seekers, this supernova ride is standing tall at 32m high. Visitors who love adventure and a rush of adrenaline will enjoy taking a swing at this free fly ride with the amazing views of the Bay. The ride is even better after the sun starts to set as the sky turns different shades and tourists can enjoy the ride with a stunning backdrop.

Moon Balloons

A gentle motion ride that is suitable for kids of all ages, Moon Balloons is a small version of the classic Ferris wheel. This relaxing experience can be enjoyed by the entire family together. As the riders are lifted up towards the skies they get to enjoy the colorful view of the entire amusement park from their ride itself.

Happy Swing

The Happy Swing is for the young guests at the amusement park. The ride swings the little ones backward and forward in a calming way and kids can enjoy this ride alone. The minimum height requirement for the kids to ride alone is 90cm and kids below that height can be accompanied by an adult.

Ghost Train

The Ghost train offers a thrilling experience as one of the only dark rides remaining in the world created by the Pretzel Amusement Company. This ride is perfect for families and kids, as they ride through the haunted tracks which are riddled with ghastly ghouls and scares. The ride uses VFX and technology to create a haunted experience as you ride through a scary backdrop.

Coney Drop

This Luna Park ride is great for the thrill seekers as they soar high up in the sky before coming back to the ground with a bouncy trail. The ride drops the riders back via different levels spread across 13 meters. The minimum height requirement for this ride is 110cm for taking this trip on their own.

Know Before You Book Luna Park Melbourne Tickets

Essential Information

Location: 18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182, AustraliaTiming:Friday 6–10pmSaturday 11am–10pmSunday 11am–7pmMonday - Thursday Closed

How To Reach

By Car: Visitors can take their car to the Park, however they will have to search for their own parking as the park does not offer any. The park is a half hour ride from the city center.

By Tram/Bus: Visitors who are coming from the CBD have to get off at the Luna park stop number 138. You can take the Tram 16, 3a, and 96, which take around 30 minutes approximately to reach the Luna Park in St. Kilda. Several buses also pass through St Kilda, including the 246, 600, 606, 623, 922 and 923.


Why is Luna Park Melbourne so famous?

The Luna Park is the oldest amusement park in Melbourne city and offers a chance to experience thrilling rides and an amusing carnival during the visit. The park is home to one of the oldest roller coasters - The Great Scenic Railway which was established at the time of the park’s opening.

Is Price for Luna Park Melbourne tickets the same for all?

No, the Luna park Melbourne tickets are not available at the same price for everyone. Infants ages 0-3 get free entry, children from the age of 4-12 are charged at child prices. Adult prices are applicable on everyone above the age 13.

Do I need to book Luna Park Melbourne tickets in advance?

Yes, it is best if tourists book their Luna Park Melbourne tickets in advance. This way they will ensure their entry beforehand even in peak seasons and won’t have to wait in long queues.

Can I book Luna Park Melbourne tickets online?

Yes, tourists can book their Luna Park Melbourne tickets online in advance. This way they get to ensure their beforehand and also enjoy great deals and discounts.

How long does it take to experience all rides at Luna Park?

You should plan to spend at least 3-4 hours at the amusement park to enjoy all the fun and thrilling rides. They will also like to spend time at the carnival and enjoy the local delicacies available at the food stalls.

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