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About Things To Do In Melbourne

There are many unique things to do in Melbourne like skydiving, hot air balloon ride, taking a winery tour, cruising for sightseeing etc. All these activities revolve around the city’s lush greenery, natural beauty, and high-end lifestyle. You can start engaging in adventurous activities like Skydiving to witness panoramic views of the city. If you look for something less intense yet adventurous, the hot air balloon ride soaring on the skies of green Yarra Valley is your savior. Australia’s second-largest metropolis lets you take a short 50-minute tram tour to unfold itself quickly in front of your eyes. If you want to experience the best of Mother Nature, the green fields of Yarra Valley and its vineyards are there to allure nature lovers. Making Melbourne one of the most lovable cities in Australia you can witness the enchanting flora of the country in the Botanic Gardens. For witnessing the city’s panoramic views, you can climb to the 88th floor of the Eureka Building. If exploring Melbourne through its natural beauty isn’t enough, you can visit some of the coolest indoor attractions. Melbourne Museum, National Sports Museum, and Legolands must be your go-to spots. End your day with relaxation at the dinner cruise of Yarra River with your loved ones to see the Yarra river reflecting the city’s charm.

Top Things To Do In Melbourne

There are many top things to do in Melbourne like taking a quick sightseeing tour of the city or witnessing the city’s breathtaking views from a cruise. You can choose from a variety of adventure activities like hot air balloon rides, skydiving, paragliding or some simple sightseeing from Eureka Towers and Yarra river cruise to see the panorama of Melbourne. Besides activities involving views, there are many enchanting things that you enjoy in Melbourne’s lush greenery and cityscape alike.

Skydiving In Melbourne

There are many adventurous activities to do in Melbourne but nothing beats the thrill of Tandem Skydive as you get to jump from a whopping 15,000 ft high. Drop off from the sky at the drop point at St. Kilda and fly over the high-end city from 15,000 ft soaring heights for 5-7 minutes. Witness the views of Port Phillip Bay and the entire city’s magnificent skyline. A professional instructor jumps with you as you float above the Yarra Valley and Great Ocean Road. You experience adrenaline rushing free fall for 60 seconds at the rapid speed of 200 kmph.

Experience Melbourne Hot Air Balloon

The hot air balloon ride in Yarra valley is rated among the top things to do in Melbourne as you float peacefully to witness the charm of the greenest landscape of Yarra Valley and its surrounding river. You can enjoy the sunrise balloon ride above the valley of Yarra on the scenic greenery and vineyards with breathtaking views of the lush valley and the surrounding Yarra river. The hot air balloon ride offers you the opportunity to get clicked amidst the skies of Melbourne. The ride starts during the sunrise and continues for up to an hour as you float above the Australian skies.

Yarra Valley Wine Tours

Surrounding the beautiful Yarra River, you can tour the Yarra valley and its lush green grasslands. The valley is secluded and calm enough to host a wine session for you. The valley encompasses vineyards and is home to fine wine. You can enjoy cheese, fruits, and juices served with wine directly from the farm: The gourmet food tour takes you to the delicious chocolaterie at Yarra Valley. Listed among the top open-air activities to do in Melbourne, the valley offers you to walk on captivating trails and enjoy cycling.

Hop On To Melbourne River Cruises

You can cruise the Yarra River and witness the enchanting views of Melbourne. There are many cruises available for you to hop on at the Southbank. Out of all the top things to do in Melbourne, nothing beats the relaxing experience at the cruise that takes a quick tour for an hour. As you cruise along the river, a life commentary narrates to you about the history of the Yarra River and the significant places visible from there. The Birraung Marr or the “river of shadows” is parkland in the closest vicinity of the river. The cruise showcases the beauty of the Royal Botanic Garden, Australian National Tennis Center, Melbourne Cricket Ground, and many other iconic places.

Visit Legoland Melbourne

Visiting Legoland is one of the activities to do in Melbourne with your little ones as it offers your kids to pick up toy bricks to build. Letting your kids use the toy bricks to make something of their own is the most well-liked activity in Legoland. Legoland is an ultimate go-to indoor delight for your kid with its 13 cool attractions. With its 13 fun attractions, Legoland is the best indoor attraction for kids. With your children, you can watch a 4D movie while experiencing rain, snow, wind, and other effects. The indoor park is filled with adorable little toys that have the amazing architecture to keep your kids wanting to come again.

Meet the Animals at Melbourne Zoo

Visiting Melbourne Zoo is among the top animal-based things to do in Melbourne as you get a chance to meet 320 species of different animals. The zoo's Australian-specific animals and the exhibit is its most well-liked feature. What comes to mind when thinking about visiting the zoo are the kangaroo encounter sessions. You can spend the night camped out in the Melbourne Zoo and enjoy the host narrating to you the folklore and animal tales. You can take a fully guided tour of the zoo the following morning.

Relax at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Exploring the Royal Botanic Gardens of Australia is one of the most educational and nature-friendly activities to do in Melbourne as you get to know about plant life through 10,000 species. You can sit in the car and explore the 38-hectare gardens with the live commentary on board. The minibus travels through the lush lawns. There are rare plant species that you can witness in the stunning garden. You walk to explore the garden on your own. If you are visiting during the summers, you can witness the beauty of moonlight cinema telecasting amidst the lawns and lakes.

Enjoy the Views from the Skydeck at Eureka Tower

If you want to witness Melbourne’s panoramic views, you must climb up to the top of 91 floored Eureka Tower. Located in the Southbank, the enchanting skyscraper is the best replica of Eureka Stocktrade. The building has beautiful gold-plated windows that reflect the best sunlight. You can climb up to the 88th floor for the highest view in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Witnessing the 360 degrees mesmerizing views of the city is among the topmost things to do in Melbourne during the sunsets.

Explore the Melbourne Museum

Some of the historical and best things to do in Melbourne are exploring the Melbourne Museum and its unique galleries. The science and history gallery is among the most popular galleries that narrate the evolution of mankind through its presentation. The gallery showcases various dinosaurs and beings from the prehistoric era. Apart from this, you can explore many galleries like the Melbourne Gallery, Melbourne Story, Mind and Body Gallery, Forest Gallery, etc. You can check out the Forest Gallery as it features forest canopies for you to witness flora and fauna.

Take a City Circle Tram Tour

Hop on to the City Circle Tram to indulge in the sightseeing experience of Melbourne. The tram includes live commentary about the locations you come across on the tram tour. You can hop on to the tram for the 50-minute short sightseeing tour available seven days a week. The hop on and hop off the tram lets you explore and indulge in the most fascinating things to do in Melbourne. You can catch the captivating sights of the Parliament House, Old Treasury Building, Princess Theater, and Windsor Hotel.

Shop at Queen Victoria Market

You must visit Queen Victoria Market as it offers you the best things to do in Melbourne like enjoying live events, music concerts, and shows besides just shopping. Fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, poultry, gourmet food, and many other snacks are available. Clothing, jewelry, handmade crafts, cosmetics, and many other items are sold at the market. Even souvenirs that are hard to find anywhere are sold in the market five days a week. In addition to making purchases, you can eat in bars, restaurants, and food stalls for a reasonable price.

Visit the National Sports Museum

Melbourne is famous all across the world for hosting sports events. The Australian Sports Museum aka National Sports Museum features 3D holograms of some popular sports stars and events. There are various galleries and interactive games that you can play at this museum. The experience of this museum lasts approximately 2 hours as it is one of the top sports-related things to do in Melbourne. The museum lies in the closest vicinity to the international cricket grounds and people usually choose a combo ticket to explore both of them.

Things To Do In Melbourne FAQs

Which are the best things to do in Melbourne?

  • Watch a game at Melbourne Cricket Stadium and explore the Sports Museum: You can enjoy an international cricket event at the stadium and later, explore the National Australian Sports Museum. There are fun games and interactive 3D holograms at the museum for you to enjoy.

  • Shop at Queen Victoria Market: One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to shop your favorite eatables and items like apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, and whatnot from Queen Victoria Market.

  • Climb to the Skydeck at Eureka: You can enjoy the panoramic views of the city’s skyline from the 88th floor of the golden-windowed skyscraper.

What is the best time to visit Melbourne?

Due to the Autumn season, you must visit Melbourne between September and November. The season brings pleasant weather, which is ideal for outdoor picnics and adventure things to do in Melbourne.

How to reach Melbourne?

By Air: Melbourne International Airport connects to many international cities and is the most convenient way to get to the city. Furthermore, you can access buses from Melbourne Franklin Street to connect to other Australian cities.

What are the best things to do in Melbourne for couples?

  • Romantic Dinner Cruise Yarra: You can take your partner on a romantic dinner cruise on the Yarra River. One of the most romantic things to do in Melbourne, the Yarra River cruise offers both of you to sit beneath the moonlight with the waters reflecting the stunning views of the city.

  • Yarra Valley Winery Tour: You can please your lover with some wine amidst the lush greenery of Yarra Valley. The vineyards and the fresh atmosphere of the valley offers the best whine from the farm and the sweetest chocolate from the chocolaterie.

Are there adventure activities to do in Melbourne?

  • Skydiving: Skydiving is among the most thrilling adventure activities to do in Melbourne. Jump from the St. Kilda drop point and fly for 5-7 minutes over the captivating city from 15,000 ft soaring heights. For 60 seconds, you experience an adrenaline-pumping free fall at a speed of 200 kmph.

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride: For about an hour, you can enjoy a sunrise balloon ride above the Yarra Valley on picturesque gardens and vineyards with spectacular views of the lush valley and the surrounding Yarra River.

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