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About Immigration Museum

Immigration Museum entry tickets take you to a world of cultural and thought provoking experience filled with stories and historical significance. The museum was initially opened in Melbourne's old custom house in 1998. The guiding principle runs back to the concept that every other non-indigineous Australian family has got a history to share. With your Immigration Museum tickets you get to explore and understand the issues and history of Victoria's diverse communities and the human connection embedded in the same.

By booking tickets to Immigration Museum, you get to explore Melbourne's history and people who have migrated from across the globe. Melbourne's old custom's house is nothing less than a stunning showcased visit with all its might and pride kept high. These Immigration museum tickets also expose you to stories that are both laughter-filled and sad and worth all your time knowing the details and understanding the history of people around us. Your visit to immigration museum also further clarifies on how these immigration and inter-cultural aspects have influenced in shaping the modern-world Australia of today.

Immigration museum has been one of the major attractions of Melbourne and tickets for immigration museum usually falls out of stock due to its high demand and for the same reason, it is advised to book prior in advance.

Why Book Immigration Museum Tickets

Immigration museum tickets often fall short of the sale due to the high demand and so it is highly advised to book them online in advance. By booking the entry tickets online, you also get to avoid the long queues and also avail amazing deals and offers that will make your visit affordable.


  • Explore the concepts behind eye-catching vibrant colours and interiors.

  • Learn about the background of Australia's immigration personalities in detail.

  • Get mesmerized by the stunning design and architecture of the Immigration Museum.

  • Enjoy the panoramic view of the immigration museum in the heart of the Melbourne city

  • Enjoy various exhibitions and art forms and works inside with the Immigration Museum tickets.


  • Get admission tickets for Immigration Museum

  • Entry inside all exhibitions and activities.

  • English speaking staff who will assist you whenever needed

  • hands-on arts and crafts at Kids on Deck

Exhibitions In Immigration Museum

With your Immigration Museum entry tickets, you will get access inside all the exhibitions where you can learn and know interesting stories about immigrants. Explore some of the famous exhibitions of the museums like Forget the Stereotypes, Leaving Home and more.

Forget The Stereotypes

The Immigration Museum tickets allow you to watch "Forget the stereotypes”, which is yet another thought-provoking movie by the international students of Australia. The central crux of the movie is a story about four former international students, their life experiences, aspirations, challenges, achievements and a lot more.

In collaboration with the creative team of Catherine Simonds and Irene Metter, the movie was specifically created for the Immigration museum, Melbourne. The deeply moving experience of the movie provokes people to understand and analyze the personal stories of the students.

Atong Atem: To Be Real

The exhibition displays bold portraits of a young girl by award winning artist - ‘Atong Atem’ created for the immigration museum in a series. The crux of the concept is to explore this surreal world, fantasy, mythology and exploration of identity.

The photographs open a whole door to new perceptions in which we construct images and ideologies internally, which in turn gives a clearer understanding of ourselves and the people around us.

Leaving Home

Leaving Home is another set of series trying to explore and showcase the multiple reasons behind why people leave homes and migrate to Australia. This series captures intimate emotions of leaving loved ones behind, the hardships of survival, the painful sensation of separation and a lot more.

This series, which is a permanent collection in the exhibition, makes use of elements like music, moving objects and still images to portray the actual sense of emotions underlying them.

Customs Gallery

Every other person who migrated to Australia had a history with the customs officer. The tickets for Immigration Museum also let you visit the customs gallery that occupies the Old Customs House, one of the significant old buildings of the 19th century.

They are a gallery filled with articles and stuff collected by the customs officer at the immigration from people across the world. In this permanent exhibition, there are stuff displayed that includes smudged goods, illegal drugs, endangered and contaminated animal products and more.

Immigrant Stories And Timeline

Another famous exhibition that you get to enter with your Immigration Museum tickets are Immigrant Stories and Timeline which is all about the common people and their mixed emotions. The gallery of Immigrant Stories and Timeline depicts the story of why people left Victoria, their emotions and motives in doing the same. The hardship and fruitfulness in starting everything afresh and more. This gallery covers a large time period and a diverse culture.

Know Before You Book Immigration Museum Tickets

Essential Information

Location: Immigration Museum400 Flinders StreetMelbourne, Victoria, 3000

Timings: Immigration Museum is open on all days except on Good Fridays and Christmas from 10 am to 5 pm

Best Time To Visit:

The best time to get your Immigration Museum entry tickets are in the month of March when the weather is pleasant making it perfect for sightseeing. Also, it is highly recommended to visit the museum during weekdays as it tends to get crowded during weekends.

How To Reach:

By Train: Trains are available from Flinders St or Spencer St Stations

By Tram: Tram 48, 55, 70, AND 75 goes to cnr Flinders Street and Market Street

By City Circle Tram: City Circle tram are available from cnr Flinders Street and Market Street

Immigration Museum Tickets FAQs

Can we book Immigration Museum Tickets online?

Yes, Immigration Museum tickets can be booked online prior to your visit through us without any hassle and confirm your slot on your chosen date and time.

Do we have to buy separate Immigration Museum Tickets for Kids?

Yes, you have to get separate Immigration Museum tickets for children, however, the entry is free for guests up to the age of 16 years.

What is the minimum age required to book Immigration Museum Tickets?

There is no age such as minimum age for booking the tickets as no guests can enter without the Immigration Museum tickets, however, entry is free for all children under the age of 16 years.

What is the best thing to see in Immigration Museum?

Some of the best exhibitions that you must attend are the Becoming You, Forget the Stereotype, Leaving Home, and more.

What is the opening timing for Immigration Museum?

Immigration Museum, Australia opens from 10 am to 5 pm everyday.

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