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Away from the bustling city of Melbourne, the popular Melbourne Zoo is home to about 300 unique species of animals. While Melbourne is famous for its city limelight, the Melbourne zoo in its lush greenery shines among one of the best tourist attractions of the city. Melbourne Zoo tickets let you enter the city’s most enchanting zoo and watch Aussie special animals like Kangaroos and Koalas! The zoo offers you to closely witness and study animals like seals, kangaroos, reptiles, giraffes, elephants, and the captivating Austrian wildlife.

You can start with the enjoyable encounter with the seals where you find them playing with the zookeepers. The Melbourne Zoo entry tickets let you access the award-winning elephant trail that houses 8 Asian elephants. You can learn about reptile behaviour and their preservation to catch sight of interactive sessions between humans and reptiles like snakes, and lizards. The giraffe interaction is all about meeting Nakuru, and Klinton in the presence of passionate zookeepers. You can enjoy the wild sea exhibition with Melbourne Zoo tickets to witness the aqua residents of Victoria’s coast and the Pacific Ocean like penguins, seals and many more. Besides keeper-watching sessions, the zoo gives you an opportunity to stay overnight in the tents and wake up in the morning for a full-guided exploration.

Why Book Melbourne Zoo Tickets?

You can book tickets for Melbourne zoo online in advance and ensure your slot in your preferred date and time. Not only does this process save your time and hassle, it also lets you enjoy some great offers and discounts which ultimately makes your entire trip affordable.

  • Catch the stunning sight of animals belonging to 320 different species in the Melbourne zoo.
  • Melbourne zoo tickets let you and your kid play with kangaroos in the encounter session.
  • Witness 8 magnificent elephants living peacefully in their environment.
  • Catch the beautiful sight of the tallest two giraffes named Nakuru, and Klinton
  • Meet and greet Orangutans, lemurs, zebras, tigers and beautiful animals.
  • Witness Australian wildlife in the Aussie special exhibit.
  • Learn about animal conservation from knowledgeable zookeepers.
  • Check out snakes and lizards resting in the reptile exhibit.
  • Stay overnight in the tents and listen to stories and folklore about nature’s wildest creatures by the hosts.

Melbourne Zoo Experiences

The experience of exploring Melbourne zoo is thrilling and intriguing as you can also choose to stay overnight in the zoo besides the campfire. You can enjoy the close encounters with Kangaroos, and Seals in the presence of your host. The Melbourne Zoo entry tickets let you go behind the scenes of caressing elephants, giraffes, reptiles, and the native Australian wildlife.

Roar 'n' Snore overnight camp
Roar 'n' Snore overnight camp

Melbourne zoo tickets let you explore the zoo after the dark with your loved ones. The nocturnal experience sets up private tents amidst the wildlife with a delightful dinner. The hosts narrate to you the stories and folklore about the fiercest beasts and the 160-year-old history of the amazing zoo. After a peaceful sleep in the camp, you wake up to the sounds of cuckoos and gibbons singing. You eat a scrumptious meal before heading out on the guided tour.

The Zookeeper
The Zookeeper

With Melbourne zoo tickets, you can experience the life of a knowledgeable and passionate zookeeper very closely. You can watch them as they take you behind the scenes of feeding sessions for half of the day. The zookeeper's let you understand the breeding programs and efforts to conserve the animals like Bas Baw Frog and Lord Howe Island Stick with live examples. You can watch feeding sessions of the calmest herbivores like elephants, and primates, along with the carnivores such as lions, tigers and other big cats.

Seal Close-up Encounter
Seal Close-up Encounter

The seal close-up encounters are all about you becoming familiar with fin-footed magnificent beings. The tickets for Melbourne zoo lets you experience the closeness to the friendly seals by participating in a keeper watch show. You can enjoy the zookeeper interacting with the lovely animals and feeding them. Interaction with each seal is very amazing as they also give a performance showing their freestyle moves. The experience starts with your host briefing you about safety and lasts up to 15 minutes.

Reptile House Encounter
Reptile House Encounter

The Reptile House Encounter is a tour with your keeper inside the reptile house to meet some marvellous snakes, tortoises, turtles, lizards etc. You can watch the zoo keepers behave with each reptile according to their persona and feed them different food. The Melbourne zoo tickets guided tour offers you to indulge in an animal care program for the reptiles. The zookeeper's let you witness behind the scenes the struggles of Southern Corroboree Frog and Grassland Earless Dragon.

Know Before You Book Melbourne Zoo Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach
Essential Information

Location: Melbourne Zoo, Elliott Ave, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia.

Timings: Melbourne zoo tickets let you access the zoo every day from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

Best Time To Visit: If you have Melbourne zoo tickets, you should visit this place during the early morning hours around 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM. This is because most animals are active during this time and you may avoid the crowd that starts incoming in the evening.

Melbourne Zoo Tickets FAQs

Can we book Melbourne Zoo Tickets online?

    Yes, you can purchase Melbourne Zoo tickets in advance through our website which gives you the freedom to select the day and time of your visit. Aside from the convenience of booking tickets from the comfort of your own home, you can also choose from a variety of deals and offers to enjoy cost savings.

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