About ArtVo Melbourne

Access the first interactive trick-art gallery in Australia with your tickets for ArtVo Melbourne, which was founded in 2016. This gallery can be explored without a tour guide, and is fun and interesting for both kids and adults alike. With a massive area of 1900 square metres, there are different zones in this gallery, with interactive hand-painted craftworks, and various other objects.

One of the newest additions in the ArtVo Gallery is the Fantasy theme, which is home to experiences such as exploring the ocean, polar ice caps, forest and space. Moreover, the murals here provide you with the facility to interact live with the wild animals. Some of the most interesting activities to try here are scaling the rocky creavasses, and surfing the pipelines. This gallery houses objects and artworks from over 15 renowned artists, and it took about 1000 litres of paint, with over 800 working hours, and 80 additional artworks to create this space. Do not forget to click some amazing pictures here, with the ArtVo staff guiding you through the gallery, and take away some amazing memories.

Why Book ArtVo Tickets Melbourne

The tickets for Artvo Melbourne allow you to experience mind blowing artwork in an immersive manner in the state-of-art trick-eye gallery in Australia. With over nine themed zones and over 8- objects on display, exploring this gallery is one of the most fun things to do with family and friends

Why Book ArtVo Tickets Melbourne


  • The ArtVo tickets Melbourne let you access the immersive world of optical illusions, in Australia's first interactive trick eye gallery.
  • Explore the nine uniquely themed galleries, adorned with craftworks and trick art, spread across a massive area of 1400 square metres.
  • Immerse in the Fantasy theme with ArtVo Melbourne entry tickets and indulge in the Polar ice caps, forest, oceans, and the space.
  • Visit the 3D interactive displays, which are about 80 in number, and be awed by the creative input put in by the master Korean artists.
  • This gallery is open seven days a week, and is suitable for both kids and adults alike.
  • The ArtVo Melbourne gallery was created with more than 1000 litres of paint and took over 800 working hours.


  • The ArtVo Melbourne entry tickets include general admission to Australia's famed trick-eye gallery.

About The ArtVo Melbourne Activity

About The ArtVo Melbourne Activity
  • Access the incredible 3D world with your ArtVo tickets Melbourne, and explore this extraordinary gallery.
  • One of the best activities to access with your ArtVo tickets Melbourne is exploring its nine theme zones, housing over 80 hand crafted artworks.
  • Another notable activity to do with your tickets for ArtVo Melbourne is to indulge in the Fantasy theme, which lets you indulge in knowing about the polar ice caps, forests, space, and the ocean.
  • Some other fun activities to indulge in here include going on a ride by the Venetian canal in a gondola, or receiving your own set of angel wings.
  • Do not forget to click some amazing pictures, while the ArtVo gallery staff assists you in getting some best shots throughout the space.
  • Accessing the ArtVo Melbourne entry tickets is one of the most fun activities to try when with family and friends.

Know Before You Book ArtVo Tickets Melbourne

Know Before You Book ArtVo Tickets Melbourne

Essential Information

Location: The ArtVo tickets Melbourne can be accessed at the following address:26 Star Cres, Level 1, The District, Docklands, VIC 3008It is just five minutes away from the CBD at Docklands.

Timings: The tickets for ArtVo Melbourne can be accessed at the following timing:10 am to 6 pm (All seven days of the week).The last admission is an hour prior to the closing time.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to access the ArtVo Melbourne entry tickets is during the early opening hours. During this time, you will find less crowd, enabling you to explore at your own pace, and you can also avoid standing in longer queues.

How To Reach

By Tram: If planning to commute via tram, you can take the tram 70 (via Flinders Street) or the tram 86 (via Bourke Street), which stops at the District tram stop. Moreover, the City Circle free tram stops at the District Shopping Centre, at the Docklands Drive.

By Bus: If planning to commute by bus, take route 220, which stops at the District's doorstep. The frequency of buses running here is about 15 minutes, and you can even contact the Public Transport Victoria for any additional information you require.

By Train: If planning to commute by train, stop at the Southern Cross Station, and walk by the Bourke street Pedestrian bridge to reach the District Esplanade. From here, you can walk along the waterfront to the District or along Docklands Drive.

By Car: If planning to commute by car, you can park at the District Docklands East & West Car Parks, which are secure, with multiple payment options. No pre-booking is required.

ArtVo Tickets Melbourne FAQs

Can we book ArtVo Tickets Melbourne online?

    Yes, it is recommended to book your ArtVo tickets Melbourne online, in order to avoid rush, since it is a very popular tourist attraction, and can get crowded. Hence, if you wish to avoid long queues, and facilitate a hassle-free entrance, then it is advisable to get your ArtVo Melbourne entry tickets online.

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Do we have to buy separate ArtVo Tickets Melbourne for Kids?

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