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About Skydive Melbourne

If you're a thrill-seeker looking for a heart-thumping experience, then Skydive Melbourne can be your ideal choice. Melbourne is home to some dreamy drop zones like Yarra Valley, St Kilda, and The Great Ocean Road. While skydiving at these places, you can admire the sweeping panoramas of rugged mountain peaks and icy blue lakes. Skydive at Great Ocean Road to enjoy picturesque views of the Bass Strait and Bells Beach, and free fall from Yarra Valley to savor stunning views of Port Phillip Bay.

Skydiving from St. Kilda is considered an ultimate thrilling experience as you get to enjoy magnificent views of Melbourne's bay and CBD from fifteen thousand feet in the air.A professional skydiving expert will brief you and ensure you're up to date with all the safety requirements. If you're a first-timer, you can opt for tandem skydiving to experience the ultimate thrill of the freefall under the wings of an expert. Your parachutes are equipped with AAD technology, so you don't need to worry about safe landing. So what are you waiting for? Try skydiving in Melbourne now to have the best aerial experience and free fall adventure of your life.

Why Experience Skydive Melbourne?

  • Skydive Melbourne is one of the best ways to have a taste of thrill and adventure in the safest way possible.
  • Plummet from the blue skies, from 12,000 or 15,000 feet, and admire the breathtaking panoramas.
  • Melbourne has three skydiving facilities: Great Ocean Road, St. Kilda, and Yarra Valley. Each Skydive Melbourne dropzone is unique and offers surreal views you get to see only in Hollywood films.
  • A Skydive Melbourne experience at St. Kilda offers you a panoramic view of Melbourne's bay area from fifteen thousand feet in the air.
  • Go skydiving in Yarra Valley to soak in the views of the authentic Australian countryside with lush vineyards and sprawling meadows.
  • While skydiving at Great Ocean Road, you'll freefall from 15,000 or 12000 ft above sea level and admire the view of Bells Beach.
  • Your sky diving expert will brief you on all the safety procedures and will ensure that you have a safe Skydive Melbourne experience

Available Skydiving Experiences in Melbourne

Melbourne has some of the most premium skydiving destinations like Great Ocean Road Torquay, St Kilda Beach, and Yarra Valley that offer the thrilling free fall ranging from 12,000ft to 15000 ft. While skydiving at these places, you can enjoy majestic bird's eye view of the most exotic landscapes.

Tandem Skydive up to 15,000ft at Great Ocean Road Torquay

Great Ocean Road Torquay is a dreamy drop zone where you can experience the thrill of a tandem skydive jump. After a safety briefing, you'll board the airplane and enjoy a flight over Bells Beach. You'll be strapped safely to your tandem skydiving expert, and you'll gradually make the ultimate leap out of the plane. As you freefall from 15,000 ft above sea level, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the blue-green coast and the sprawling farmlands

Tandem Skydive Up To 12,000ft at Barwon Heads, Great Ocean Road

Live up your fantasies of a free fall by enjoying tandem skydiving at Barwon Heads, Great Ocean Road Torquay. Before your skydiving adventure, you'll have to attend a safety briefing, and practice exit jumps from the airplane. You'll then be strapped to your tandem skydiving expert, and you'll jump out of the plane! From 12,000ft above sea level, you'll enjoy breathtaking views of Port Phillip Bay, Great Ocean Road, and Melbourne CBD.

Tandem Skydive Up To 15,000ft at St Kilda Beach, Melbourne

Experience the hair-raising plummet and grab eye-popping vistas as you enjoy tandem skydiving at St Kilda Beach, Melbourne. St Kilda Beach is one of the best Skydive Melbourne spots with great views of Port Phillip Bay and Melbourne. During the tandem skydiving adventure, You'll be strapped safely to your tandem expert and make the ultimate jump and freefall for sixty seconds at about 200km/hour. Once your instructor releases the parachute, you will enjoy a canopy ride down to the beach.

Tandem Skydive up to 12,000ft at Great Ocean Road, Torquay

Great Ocean Road, Torquay, is an amazing skydiving destination that offers the most exhilarating freefall from 12000ft above sea level. After the briefing, you'll board the airplane and enjoy a breathtaking ride over the beginning of the Great Ocean Road and Bells Beach. You'll jump out of the plane with your tandem skydive instructor and feel the incredible free fall sensation for up to 45 seconds at speeds of over 200km/hr.

Skydiving Over The Beach St Kilda, Melbourne Up to 15,000ft

Enjoy the heart-plumping free fall from up to 15,000ft above sea level at The Beach St Kilda. The Beach St Kilda is one of the most scenic Skydive Melbourne destinations that provides tandem skydive jumps and skydiving courses from the beginner level. During your skydiving adventure, you can marvel at the fascinating views of Port Phillip Bay's golden beaches and St Kilda. You'll freefall for up to sixty seconds at an insane speed of approximately 200 kph.

Tandem Skydive up to 14,000ft at Great Ocean Road, Torquay

Satiate your craving for an adrenaline rush by enjoying tandem skydiving up to 14,000ft at Great Ocean Road, Torquay. While you float in the air with your instructor, savor the glorious spectacle of Great Ocean Road, Torquay, and its splendid beaches. At about 4,500ft, your instructor will release the parachute, and you'll begin the slow yet exciting flight down to the ground.

Know Before You Book Skydive Melbourne Experience

Essential Information

What To Wear

Wear comfortable and warm clothing like jumpsuits, t-shirts, and track pants to protect yourself from the harsh weather at high altitudes. Wear running shoes or sneakers.Refrain from wearing hiking boots, high heels, and collared clothing.

Best Time To Experience

The first half of the day is the best time to go for Skydive Melbourne as you can get clear views and beautiful pictures.

Tips To Visit Skydive Melbourne

  • Participants will have to undergo a medical checkup before Skydive Melbourne. Pregnant women and those with epilepsy or heart conditions cannot go for Melbourne skydiving.
  • Pay attention to the briefing session, wherein you'll be instructed about all the emergency protocols and safety precautions.
  • The minimum age limit to participate in Melbourne skydiving is around 12 years. Those between the age group of 12-18 must be accompanied by an adult during Melbourne skydiving.
  • Do not consume recreational drugs or alcohol eight hours before your scheduled skydive.
  • Ask your instructor to recheck your parachute and harness before you take the plunge.

Skydive Melbourne FAQs

What is the minimum age required for experiencing Skydiving in Melbourne?

You must be a minimum of 12 years to enjoy skydiving in Melbourne. Those between the age group of 12-18 must be accompanied by an adult while undertaking skydiving in Melbourne.

Do we need to book in advance for Skydiving in Melbourne?

Yes, you should book in advance for skydiving in Melbourne to ensure that you can enjoy the activity on the desired day and time. During peak season, the slots are often full, so you're recommended to make the booking beforehand

Will I get discounts on booking Skydiving in Melbourne?

You'll get discounts on booking skydiving in Melbourne only if any discounts or offers are running

Why should one experience Skydiving in Melbourne?

Skydiving in Melbourne is one of the best ways to satiate your adventurous soul and have the best experience of your life. The best thing is that you can choose from different locations and free fall from different heights. If you're inexperienced, you can try tandem skydiving, wherein the instructor will accompany you from start to finish.

What is the best time to experience Skydiving in Melbourne?

Morning is the best time to experience Skydive Melbourne as the views are clear, and you'll get beautiful pictures.

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